Shadows in the City

by Stephanie Castle

Following the premature death of his mother, Michel, a Quebec farm boy, is left alone among a family of adult men. The boy is gentle and artistic and easily runs afoul of other boys in school. After a sexual assault by a depraved uncle, Michel, runs away from the Ottawa Valley farm to Montreal where he becomes a street kid, disguised as female using the name Micheline. She gets into prostitution and is rescued from a life of degradation by a biker gang executive who makes her rehabilitation a personal project leading to marriage. Gang warfare breaks out and Micheline is sent from her own safety to Vancouver after a kidnapping attempt for a rival gang. After an attack on the sex trade and using her savings starts up a successful French-Canadian restaurant. This is an interesting story mixing elements of crime, business activities and the media with an emotional transsexual theme.



Publishing details:

  • PAPERBACK: 203 pages
  • Publisher: Perceptions Press (2004), now available from Stephanie Castle Publications
  • Series: Cascade (Book 3)
  • ISBN: 9780-9734293-8-0

Available in paperback from Stephanie Castle Publications


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