Feelings: A Transsexual’s Explanation of a Baffling Condition (Second Edition)

by Stephanie Castle

Edited and introductory essay by Margot E. Wilson

Originally published in 1992, Feelings: A Transsexual’s Explanation of a Baffling Condition was an influential publication in wide circulation both in Canada and the United states. It is out of print now and this is an appropriate time to republish it as a companion volume to Girl in the Dream. Feelings still provides practical advice (along with a not insignificant measure of encouragement, reassurance and hope) for practitioners, allies, members of the transgender community and the general reading public that continues to be pertinent today. It is a personal document that outlines Stephanie’s perspective and opinion on not only her own transgender experience and transition but also a broader social, political, economic and religious context in which transition occurred in the latter part of the 20th Century. Feelings provides a historical perspective as well as an intimately captured personal journey of transgender experience that is still relevant and appealing today.

The second edition of Feelings has been edited and reformatted; the language adjusted to reflect 21st Century usage, preference and nuance. A glossary has been added along with an updated reference list. Added footnotes contextualize and provide references throughout the text. Pictures personalize and bring a visual aspect to the narrative. Yet, the second edition preserves the substance, style and focus of the original publication. Feelings is written in a style that reveals Stephanie as a woman of great confidence, conviction and humour. It reflects her attitudes toward life in general and transgender issues in particular, and definitively emulates the intricacies of her personality and character.

Feelings provides a very personal view into one transgender woman’s journey, a metamorphosis that is as vital, authentic and significant today as it was when she wrote it. In combination, Feelings and Girl in the Dream provide a complementary, comprehensive and in-depth view into the nature of the transgender experience based on the intimate, challenging and often poignant experiences and perspectives of one singularly remarkable woman.

Publication information:

  • PAPERBACK and E-BOOK FORMATS: 225 pages, includes an introductory essay, photos, glossary, index and references  
  • Publisher: TransGender Publishing (2018), also available through Stephanie Castle Publications 
  • ISBN: 978-1-7751027-1-7