Inconvenient Truths

Newly Chronicles Volume III





   Living on the edge with nothing but a safety net woven from lies to keep you from tumbling headlong into disaster and disgrace is as dangerous as it is demanding. For Amanda Newly, it is an inconvenient fact of life, one she must deal with every day.

   Amanda is a unique college student, bright and intelligent. To the casual observer, Amanda presents the very image of a young woman on the verge of making all her dreams come true. The only thing holding Amanda back from achieving this elusive goal is a past that is totally out of sync with her image as a vibrant young coed, for the girl everyone knows as Amanda started life as Andrew Justin Newly.

   In many ways Amanda is still very male, an inconvenient truth she must hide behind a veil of lies as she struggles to reconcile her past with her future. One aspect of Amanda’s past that threatens to destroy her chances is not of her own making. Tina Anderson, the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur and one of Amanda’s dearest friends lives under a constant threat of kidnapping, a danger that Amanda once foiled, leaving her vulnerable to retribution from those seeking to bring harm to the Andersons.

   Amanda’s journey toward a new beginning is one that is as difficult as it is contentious. For she must step outside the accepted norms, which define who and what we are, in order to discover not only what is right for her, but to build a new life for herself.