Memoirs of a Cold Warrior


Memoirs of a Cold Warrior: A Novel

Veronica Zerrer

Andy Lane (she/her) is born into the binary world of Cold War America. Assigned male at birth, she struggles to come to terms with identifying as female, believing that a colossal mistake has been made. As life goes on, she realizes the gender expectations of her from family and the farming world of the community in which she lives. She learns, early on, to play the part her world has created for her, hoping that being a warrior and finding a forever-love will be a “cure” that will let her live in peace with her body. She chases manhood while moving through the Army as an Airborne Ranger. But a special assignment in Germany with Counter Intelligence leads to a deadly confrontation with a Russian spy operation. Not even the burning love of the beautiful Jordanian woman, Sohaila, is enough to quench Andy’s gender dysphoria. Only one thing remains for Andy, to meet her destiny in the deserts of Saudi Arabia in a desperate battle for the liberation of Kuwait.