The Newly Chronicles by H.W. Coyle

All three volumes are now available


Newly Chronicles Volume I

Tips – College is a time of discovery when students find out just what sort of people they are. This is especially true for Andy Newly, a freshman who embarks on a unique journey of self-discovery that defies conventions and brings into question the most basic aspect of his being. It begins as a bet over who makes more tips, males or females. To determine this, Andy agrees to an unorthodox experiment by taking on the role of a female waitress named Amanda. In doing so, he discovers his female persona is more than an act, causing him to question his gender identity. His behavior does not escape the notice of his friends. Along with Andy, they conclude their experiment is having unintended consequences.

Rather than stopping, Andy uses the opportunity to determine who he really is. This already bewildering situation becomes even more complicated when a male college student becomes smitten with Amanda. The first book of the Newly Chronicles.

Newly Chronicles Volume II
A Different Kind of Courage

A Different Kind of Courage – How does a person go about rebuilding a life that they willingly tried to throw away? For Andrew Newly, this journey begins by realizing it will take a different kind of courage. His efforts begin by returning to where he and a group of friends bought into a crazy bet that changed his life forever. Together with those friends, he struggles to gather up the frayed threads of his life and begin the daunting task of building a new one for himself, this time as a girl named Amanda. Amanda finds that she must not only find a way of dealing with problems that are as confusing to her as they are complex, she must also come to terms with a past that seems to have no place in her new life. This difficult journey is complicated by Amanda’s friendship with Tina Anderson, the daughter of an entrepreneur who has accumulated a number of enemies who prove to be as much a threat to Amanda as they are to the Andersons, causing her to draw upon a past that she is trying to put behind her. Newly Chronicles book two.

Newly Chronicles Volume III
Inconvenient Truths

Inconvenient Truths – The third and last book of the Newly Chronicles. Amanda Newly is a rather unique college student. Bright and intelligent, she excels in a discipline where most students are simply happy to survive. At the restaurant where she works her proficiency and charm earn her unrivaled tips and praise. Socially, she is the glue that holds her friends together. To the world, Amanda presents the very image of a young woman on the verge of making all her dreams come true. Holding her back from achieving this goal is a past out of sync with her image as a young coed, for the girl everyone knows as Amanda started life as Andrew Newly. In many ways, she still is very male, an inconvenient truth Amanda must hide behind a veil of lies as she struggles to reconcile her past with her future, a past that threatens to destroy her chances of achieving success. Amanda’s journey is difficult and contentious as she steps outside the accepted norms used to define who and what we are in order to discover not only what is right for her but to build a new life for herself.