Praise for Legend of Alfhildr

***** I found this novel a fascinating look into how someone’s life might become a half-forgotten legend. This novel has just been republished by Stephanie Castle Publications.

In this novel, the authors take to legend of Alfhildr and novelize a story based on the the saga of the legend, using the idea that if there was a real basis for the legend of a maiden warrior, what would the true circumstances of her story be? The funny thing about this novel (talked about in the Foreword–which you should probably read after you read the novel because it reads like a professor dissecting a thesis instead of a preface to a story) three years after the novel was first published the remains of a Viking warrior was discovered in Sweden, entombed inside a crypt shaped as a stone Viking Galley. The warrior corpse was small(around five foot six inches, very well preserved with shoulder-length red hair. DNA samples were taken and analyzed and it was discovered that the warrior was female.

~Charlie98210, USA, posted on, 5 stars

***** Spectacular epic tale This is a wonderful story. It traces the life of Alfhildr, Shield Maiden of the Gods but also follows two later lines of the Alfhildr character. I wish these had been expanded further: both sub-stories could have brought us more clarity, especially regards how all of this works. Also, the last section would have been sweeter if Alfhildr’s later life had been expanded on. It jumps from her wedding until the end. But it was a really good story.

~Pegleg, USA, posted on, 5 stars

***** Outstanding Very hard to put down. The relatives of Alfhildr and Godric have lots to consider in their rolls with the pagan gods. Beautiful and very enjoyable.

~Sallie Mitchell, USA, posted on, 5 stars

*** I’ve read most of H. W. Coyle’s books, this is by far the BEST!!!. Thank you

~Martin Lucas, USA, posted on Goodreads, 3 stars