Praise for Tips

*****What a wonderful story! HW Coyle (aka Nancy Cole) is an excellent writer, and Tips, the first part of a 3 book series (A Different Kind of Courage, Inconvenient Truths) is an excellent storyteller. It’s the story of Andy, who discovers working as Amanda has some benefits. The characters are all well drawn and there’s some good tension. A few typos (waste for waist, pedals for petals, complement for compliment) don’t really take away from the story. I’d love to see the other books published on Kindle.

~Pegleg, USA, posted on, 5 stars

*****Lovely story When I read the brief of the book before downloading it, I was hesitant to do it. But, something in the story line intrigued me. I figured if the story was a dud, I could have it removed from my library. Was I wrong! This story is every bit enticing with every chapter. Andy/Amanda is a wonderful character. Everything that he/she experienced had some foothold in reality. I truly hope there be a second book soon. What a lovely story.❤

~Rachel, USA, posted on, 5 stars

***** Refreshing Thank God this novel came along! Good writing has been in short supply with all the penny novels flooding in the past months. This story was smooth all the way through. It touched on so many levels in many areas. The characters were strong and well thought out.. plenty of drama and soul searching. Can’t wait for the next novel!

~Kerri, USA, posted on, 5 stars