Prisoner of Gender

by Katherine Johnson and Stephanie Castle

Prisoner of Gender represents the joint efforts of two authors each tackling the subject from a rather different viewpoint. Part I sets out Katherine Johnson’s story in the simplest most straightforward manner, uncluttered by argument or comments which might detract from the main thrust of her story. Part II presents comments and explanations by Stephanie Castle along with examples of her personal experiences that speak to and parallel Katherine’s. Documents from which quotations has been taken are also included. This two part separation helps to simplify a complex subject.

This account of one transgender person’s prison experiences speaks for all transgender people caught in the system. It tells of a heartless, authoritarian prison bureaucracy–a state within a state–unmindful of either human rights or dignity.


Publication details:

  • PAPERBACK: 247 pages
  • Publisher: Perceptions Press (1997), now available from Stephanie Castle Publications
  • ISBN: 1-895590-18-3

Available in paperback through Stephanie Castle Publications


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