Quatsino Gold

QUATSINO GOLD: : A story of gold, gender, riches and romance

Stephanie Castle

To be the only gay member in a redneck, deeply conservative family of rejectionists was to say the very least, extremely uncomfortable for David Browning, a handsome car salesman in his late twenties. David was born and raised in small town B, the son of a bulldozer operator who had built a contracting business constructing logging roads for logging companies. Don, the father, and brother, Lance, treated David as something of a pariah and excluded him from family matters. David became aware of transgender tendencies as he grew up with an increasing awareness that he was also gay. His life built up to a crisis when he found that the desire to change gender far exceeded any expectations he could hope for, if he remained as David. To his amazement, he found that the family saw his transition as something positive and the near fatal family crisis he anticipated did not arise. In going forth into a new life and becoming Elizabeth, she found love and a happy future with a young man who had bee left with two small children. As is typical in the Cascade Series, the story line centres on a believable business story with a background in the BC mining and forest industries and major business activities in both.

Publishing details:

  • PAPERBACK: 222 pages ($5.00 CAD plus shipping and handling)
  • Series: Cascade (Book 9)
  • Publisher: Stephanie Castle Publications (2014)
  • ISBN: 978-1-8955905-3-1

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