The Enchantment of Margot Tyson: A Modern Love Story

by Stephanie Castle

This is the story of Margot, a dedicated workaholic accountant who stakes her future on a business career. She finds as she approaches the pinnacle of success in the corporate world that she is missing out on life and love and many of the things that women usually enjoy about their lives. With the strength of purpose she usually employs in her professional life, she undergoes a Pygmalion-like transformation and becomes an expert dancer, dresser and her plain looks give way to something far more attractive. She experiments with lesbian love until Mike Cassidy, her secret heart throb from her school days, re-enters her life as she becomes lover, wife and mother. The story also leads into the second installment of the history and development of Camp Golden, a fictional Vancouver based charity dedicated to rebuilding the lives of alcoholics and drug addicts who have some hope of succeeding and making a new life. This has been inspired by the real-life history of the Twin Valleys Rehabilitation Project that flourished at Wardsville, Ontario in the 1970s and 1980s and was a social experiment that lead the way for others.


Publication Details:

  • PAPERBACK 230 pages
  • Stephanie Castle Publications (2012)
  • Cascade Series No 6
  • ISBN 978-1-895590-50-0

Available in paperback only from Stephanie Castle Publications


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