The Far Side of the Moon

The Far Side of the Moon 2014

Stephanie Castle

This fictional story follows well-established guidelines in dealing with transgender children whose presence in our society is now more visible than ever before. This is due to more liberal influences in education and society, particularly among school staff and some parents anxious to give their children a chance at life through social transition, without needless chaos, upset and harassment and all the other negative influences that can be guaranteed to exist without a proper understanding and support. For transsexual children, born and raised in an era when the condition of transsexualism was unknown, other than to a small group of researchers who grouped it with homosexuality, the future looked bleak indeed. This was an incorrect conclusion that had the effect of hanging a millstone of shame around the necks of those subject to the condition. It was an era when anything sexual that was unusual or unexplained was likely to be written off as a sexual aberration, with the oft-suggested solution being a spell in a mental hospital. It is small wonder that affected transsexual sufferers treated their condition as a secret and children like the author hid it out of shame and fear. The author, who is a parent herself, has seen her children grow up without any of the stresses or strains of an usual health condition. This contrasts with her own childhood as a “secret” transsexual boy where many memories of her difficulties and challenges are burned into her memory. Beating and abuse are now recognized as being totally inappropriate in bringing up transsexual children. Instead, a secure loving home with parents and siblings who are united in their progressive treatment and acceptance of a juvenile family member suffering from gender dysphoria, are regarded as the cornerstones in helping the affected one to grow in secure and supportive family company. This book is designed to demonstrate this to the fullest. Marjorie Burton is a central character in the book, backed up by her supportive husband, Jack. Together they demonstrate all the attributes needed in helping their transsexual child, Jenna, through transition with the best hope of a successful conclusion.

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Stephanie Castle Publications

Cascade Series No 8

ISBN 978-1-926525-00-6

216 pages


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