The Miracle Workers

The Miracle Workers 2012             

Stephanie Castle

John Carson, the son of a prominent cardiologist, was the luckiest youth alive on that day when tough old Captain Steve Jones found him hiding in an empty medical building that awaited demolition on West Broadway. A runaway youth from a privileged West Side home, John was not the usual recruit to the hoard of children living on the streets, exposed to drugs, abuse and violence. Steve Jones was a part-time social worker with Camp Golden Society and after he returned John to his parents, a life-long bond was formed between John (who was to become Joanne) and Steve, with the latter becoming a mentor to the youth. The story follows the progress of transsexual Joanne, through gender change, education and summer jobs on yachts skippered by Steve Jones and her ultimate graduation as a doctor. Joanne saves the life of a child at sea and plays a key role in delivering a fellow trans student from an impossible bondage at the hands of parents in total denial. The Miracle Workers are the men and women who work with and for the Camp Golden Society with whom the Carson family forms a close association. As with other books in the Cascade Series, this book is intended to inform as it entertains. It is dedicated to helping the general public gain a better understanding of the condition of gender dysphoria and as usual in this series, there is an interesting business subplot that reflects the author’s long-standing interest in the business community.

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Stephanie Castle Publications

Cascade Series Number 7

ISBN 978-1-895590-51-7                      

255 pages


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