A Tale of Two Wives

Currently out of Print

by Stephanie Castle

The story fully sets out the emotional issues and self-doubts and sometimes frightening possibilities to be face by a married transsexual partner who foresees ruin and disaster coming out of rejection and a broken marriage. Two men, one a wealthy businessman and the other a well placed professional, unknown to each other tackle their gender issues. The wife of the first, a prominent socialite does everything in her power to reject her husband and destroy the marriage. Through her rigidity she sets the scene for her husband’s suicide. The second wife, a non-practicing lawyer with contrasting compassion and humanity follow a wiser course. Even though the marriage is annulled, the family is held together and the two remain good friends.

Publication Information:

  • PAPERBACK: 227 pages
  • Publisher: Perceptions Press, not available at the present time
  • Cascade Series Number 2
  • ISBN: 9780-9734293-4-3