The Zenith Experience

THE ZENITH EXPERIENCE: Encounters and Memories in a Transgender Setting

Stephanie Castle

The Zenith Foundation was founded to provide a cohesive platform from which socially responsible members could develop programs and projects that could benefit fellow members and the transgender community at large. Zenith was an unusual organization in several ways. It preferred substance to noise. It avoided the overly colourful, strident and boastful often associated with street demonstrations. Under Castle’s leadership, it established direct communications with government and professional practitioners and went to the top in its often very direct dealings with a great variety of people. It took an activist position in human rights activities, health, education and prison reform. Zenith acted as an advocate on behalf of members. During its lifetime, Zenith Foundation became a respected organization on transgender issues. If the Zenith Foundation was the platform, its journal, the Zenith Digest, was the instrument by which it delivered its message into universities, libraries, organizations and to professional bodies. It had a surprisingly powerful voice for such a small journal. Castle was the founder and first editor and a continuing contributor until it, like the foundation itself, finally closed–all to become part of the history of trans affairs in Canada. This is the record of a busy, productive 15 years.

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