Yuzhu Chen (Marketing and Social Media Intern)

Hi. My name is Yuzhu Chen and I am originally from China. As an international learner, I took my BS in Philadelphia and majored in Public Relations. I met my first transgender friend in college, and we had a close friendship in supporting each other with life circumstances. From that time, I built a deep understanding toward the LGBTQ+ community, and I hope to be able to make efforts in reducing the misunderstandings and stereotypes that exist. The LGBTQ+ group is one of the segmentations in society that can’t be ignored. As members of society, they contribute with their talents and strengths that can’t be replaced by others. As a minority group, although their families and friends can give them support as close relatives, they still need to explore self-understanding from seeing older generations who go through the same issues. That’s the reason I believe the reading of (auto)biographies will be supportive for them. Through my internship with TransGender Publishing, I would like to contribute to promoting the high quality publications that widen readers’ perspectives and let them become aware of these publications as good source for gaining emotional support.